The architect Jaime Salvá leads the firm
since 2006

Jaime Salvá was born in Palma de Mallorca in a family that had engaged in construction and interior design for decades. He studied architecture at the University of Barcelona while worked for renowned architecture firms, such as the office of Robert and Esteve Terrades Architects.

After the university, he moved to San Francisco, USA, and served at Korth Sunseri Hagey architects, where he helped to design several projects, as for example the private residence of the famous film director George Lucas, or office buildings in Silicon Valley. Upon returning to Spain in 2006, he opened his own studio at Paseo del Borne and since then, he has designed many private residential projects, multi-housing, and other types of buildings.

Jaime Salvá understands the needs of the clients and analyses their way of inhabiting the house, in order to create something unique that reflects the client's soul. Taking in consideration urban regulations, the characteristics of the land, where the views are, where the light is and others aspects, he starts creating the design and formal appearance of the building as well as a list of determinants. When designing, which to Jaime is the most beautiful part of his profession, he tries to adapt the house´s form to the client´s needs and make it as functional and simple as possible.

He usually starts a new project with a paper and a pencil, looking for the perfect house distribution. "My aim is to reach a point where it seems that there is no other way to solve the design than the one finally made". He then moves on to volumetric work, drawing in three dimensions for the very first proposal and trying to do something iconic. The design process takes a long time, much work and patience, discarding alternatives that do not work, not afraid to erase everything and start from scratch if is necessary.

His architectural style is "contemporary Mediterranean", with local materials and geometries that are determined by current needs, looking for functional spaces and including some details "I like that each project has at least one element that characterises it and makes it unique. A special corner, a functional aspect or something else"

Besides his passion for architecture, his hobbies include travelling, basketball and music.

"We believe that the simplest ideas are the ones that work best"

Jaime Salvá

What we do

We develop and execute all kinds of Architecture commissions, mainly Integral Development of Architectural Projects, such a new Construction of all types of buildings, renovations, interior design, extensions, urban planning, etc.
We dominate all phases of an architectural project, from the initial idea to final interior decoration, through the development and drafting of the Basic Project and Execution Project, the structure calculation, or Construction Management, thereby obtaining a better result for the client, since all stages of the Project may be related and maintain the same concept.

Our method begins on the thoroughness of the program of customer needs, and we will develop the project looking for the best combination of design, functionality, and strict budget control.

We see architecture as human, sustainable, functional, creative, and adapted to the requirements of each particular case.

We believe that architecture responds to the surrounding environment, to social needs and to the customer requirements.

Jaime Salvá Architects keep the essence of the idea throughout the whole process, from the start to the crucial phase of the project management.

The final success is based on an intense dialogue with the client and with every person involved in the process.

We also do

- Legalizations projects
- Activities License Projects
- Demolitions Projects
- Habitability Certificate
- Energy Certificates
- Reports and Expertises of all kinds
- Appraisals
- ITEs (Technical Building Inspection)
- Land and Readjustment Project
- Structure Calculation
- Existing Building Drawings
- 2D, 3D, Rendering, etc.

The Team

We are surrounded by an interdisciplinary team of highly talented professionals

Jaime Salvá

Architect director

Toni Isern

Technical architect

Joan Socías

Technical architect

Iñaki Fernandez

Technical architect & Project Manager

Jaume Más


Sebastiá Miquel

Structural calculator

Other collaborators

- Marta Rincón. Architect
- María Miró. Engineer
- Benito Más. Technical Architect & Engineer
- Celia Cantos. Technical architect
- Gabriel Pérez. Structural calculator
- Toni Coll. render / 3D
- Carlos Carrasco. Render / 3D
- Enrique Presa. Graphic designer
- Francisco Roca. Tax Lawyer
- Honorato Sureda. Financial consultant
Tomeu Canyellas. Photographer
- Ana Velasco. Economist and photographer
- Borja Dañobeitia. Webmaster