• Tipology
  • Location

    Biniagual, Binissalem, Mallorca

  • Architect & Interior Designer
    Jaime Salvá
  • Technical architect

    Iñaki Fernández

  • Year of the project


  • Size

    Plot: 35,460 m2 / Built area: 480 m2

  • Photographer

    Tomeu Canyellas

Mormaiquel House is a rustic house located in Biniagual, just a few minutes away from Binissalem, ideal for enjoying the summer in the Mediterranean.

Biniagual is a small village with around 15 houses and 20 inhabitants in the interior of Mallorca, with its roots dating back to the Arab era. The house has been designed for a local couple and their numerous animals, situated on a rustic plot of 35,000m2 surrounded by picturesque vineyards and with impressive mountain views.

The architecture of the house has been developed on a single floor, allowing for a direct connection of all its rooms with nature and the surrounding environment. Moreover, this horizontal layout perfectly adapts to the size of the plot.

All rooms have been carefully oriented to take advantage of the best views and solar orientation, while not forgetting the connection to the rear part, allowing for cross ventilation and views from any point of the plot.

Regarding the choice of colors and materials, the rustic environment of the plot and the regulations requiring the use of ochre tones have been taken into account.

For the facade, a sand color has been selected, a beige tone that harmoniously blends with the surroundings. Additionally, stone extracted from the same plot has been used, contributing to creating a sense of cohesion in the design.

In the bathroom, microcement has been used on the vertical walls and bathtub cladding, reducing the number of materials and eliminating joints, achieving a cleaner and more uniform look.

The porch roof is covered with reed, creating a pleasant contrast with the white-painted beams and adding a fresh and Mediterranean touch to the ambiance. The owners have played an active role in the interior design, personally taking care of the furniture selection.

Natural materials such as wicker and wood have been chosen, along with fabrics in raw tones, to complete the harmonious style of the house.

The construction of the house lasted approximately two years and was supervised by the technical architect Iñaki Fernández to ensure the correct execution of the project.

It is important to highlight that this property has a unique value, as due to recent changes in regulations for rustic land, it is no longer possible to build residences and pools of this magnitude.