Ático Cecilio Metelo

  • Tipology

    Reform of an existing apartment

  • Location

    Palma de Mallorca

  • Architect & Interior Designer

    Jaime Salvá

  • Project date


  • Size

    Building area 110 m2

  • Photographer

    Tomeu Canyellas

Centrally located penthouse in Palma, mere steps from a vibrant plaza and conveniently within walking distance of major commercial areas. Originally untouched for decades, the property, commissioned by a relocating couple, presented a challenge with its intricate layout and numerous partitions creating confined spaces.

The primary goal was a transformative approach, opening up spaces to maximize brightness, connectivity, and fluidity between rooms.

Emphasis was placed on seamlessly integrating the kitchen with the dining and living areas, complemented by optimizing the extensive terrace enveloping the entire penthouse—an integral link connecting indoor and outdoor realms.

Tailored to the couple's desired lifestyle, the design adopts a contemporary style leaning towards minimalism while retaining the essential warmth of a home. The challenge laid in subtraction—reducing partitions, simplifying layouts, and unifying surfaces. 

Warm tones, neutral bases, polished microcement flooring, and splashes of color through carefully selected furniture defined the property. The couple's personal touch, evident in furniture choices and bold mustard and blue hues, added character.

Due to construction inconveniences, special consideration was extended to a neighbor, resulting in a gracious gesture of a new state-of-the-art television from the contractor.