• Tipology
  • Location

    Esporlas, Mallorca

  • Architect & Interior Designer
    Jaime Salvá
  • Year of the project


  • Size

    Original built area 178 m2 / Final built area 244 m2

Refurbishment and extension of an existing house located at the center of the town Esporlas, located in Mallorca, Spain.The only element that is original is the main street façade, which was necessary to keep according to the urban rules.

The rest of the house is brand new, being able to have the opposite façade with a more contemporary style. The house has a back courtyard with a small pool. 

The interior design of the project is contemporary, but according to the style of the old town. Natural materials, like wood, stone, glass, and steel corten make this house a mix between the rustic and the contemporary.